Elide Melchioni


Born in Bologna in 1970, she graduated with honors at the Conservatorio Martini in Bologna and graduated in Ethnomusicology (DAMS – Disciplines of music) with full marks and honors from the University of the studies in the same city. It follows after the title three years of Specialization for the Teaching of Music Secondary. The strong passion ethnomusicology the door to take an interest in issues related to the song and the vocal popular.
Besides the bassoon plays the bagpipe Emilian and ocarinas, rare instruments with which she participates in the world as a soloist in important festivals of medieval music, popular, world music (CLASSICAL ORCHESTRA AFROBEAT, (http://classicafrobeat.com/) GROUP Ocarinistico Budriese (www.gobitalia.com).

He recorded for TACTUS and independent labels, has participated in various direct radio-television industry (“The Music Room” RADIO3; “The music of Rai Tre” -RAI3, “Moby Dick”, RADIO2; Glastonbury Festival BBC- London, RadioEuropa Festival Radio 3, etc.).

She has worked as a consultant to the historical-scientific documentary film GITANISTAN (inspired by his thesis), in competition at the Festival Biografilm 2014 Bologna (www.gitanistan.com).
For 9 years she was Managing Director for the province of Bologna Association of Emilia Romagna Cori AERCO (www.aerco.it) and she have been a member of the Artistic Committee.

She teaches with enthusiasm Ocarina and Music Education in Middle School.