MEF: Massima Energia Femminile!

The choir was founded in 2011 to raise Farthan vocal creative and curious of the Rhine Valley (BO) around a choral project that stands as eclectic as of the same name, borrowed from the ancient Etruscan language. From the fascinating etymology of the name (literally genius, creative force), linked to the country in which it is established (Marzabotto, ancient Etruscan settlement Tuscan-Emilian Apennines) we leave for the choice of repertoire: eclectic, unconventional, multiethnic and ready to break new ground. The fascination of departure, the imprinting is still the song of oral tradition, and not Italian, with a marked predilection for a “female” repertoire.

Farthan loves the creative meeting with persons having similar aims: collaborated with ANGELICA FESTIVAL for the setting up of new productions like the Trilogy tribute to Giovanna Marini (2012), or the event CENTOCAGE, original production for the centenary of the birth of John Cage (2012), or the execution premiere (2013) of the song style random APRENSAIS ZEROS MLATH (Etruscan text – commission Archaeological Museum of Marzabotto).

With the same syncretic approach, Farthan collaborates with musicians from the jazz and world music such as Max D’Adda (percussion) and Antonio Stragapede (guitar).

The choir consists of about 35 singers, it is directed by the foundation by Maestro Elide Melchioni and has an activity of over 15 concerts a year.

Farthan participate in July 2015 at the European Festival EUROPA CANTAT in Pecs (Hungary).